Change Management

Gain new insight and hands-on experience in using research-based tools to address current business challenges with a course designed for busy working professionals.


Become an Accelerator of Change

Effective change requires the leaders, managers, and teams in all fields to have the skills to solve current problems while maintaining the relationships and capabilities that ensure long-term success. With Cal State East Bay’s course in Change Management and Business Problem-Solving, you’ll learn how to apply the necessary skills for problem solving in any business setting, including skills in critical thinking, sense-making, adaptive thinking, and collaboration.

A Curriculum with Real World Application

Throughout the course, you’ll learn from a combination of lectures and hands-on workshops and draw upon real-world examples from dynamic Bay Area industries such as education, government, technology, health care, communications, trade, and transport.

Whether you’re an organizational leader looking to implement change in the workplace, or an aspiring manager ready to take the next step in your career, this one-stop course provides the knowledge and tools you’ll need to make a real and meaningful impact.     

You, a Master in Purposeful Change

At the conclusion of the course, you will have gained a solid overview of the change process, as well as:

  • Experience with tools for identifying roles and processes in change projects
  • Understanding of the nature of business decisions
  • Understanding of a powerful decision-making method
  • The ability to apply models and frameworks to challenges in your current organization

Program Format

The course is comprised of 1 four-hour session and 1 five-hour session with a thirty-minute homework assignment in between. As a student in the program, you’ll enjoy a workshop format in which you’ll first learn theory and then build a real-time case study out of your current strategic and organizational challenges.

Phil Hood, BA

Neither theory nor practice exist in a vacuum. I want students to work on meaningful ideas and practical challenges together right from the start.

Phil Hood is a publisher, consultant, author, and teacher living in San Jose, California. As the former Chief Executive Officer of Digital 4Sight, he directed a series of research programs that explored the links between emerging technologies and business strategy, and led dozens of strategy workshops with Fortune 500 firms. He is the co-author of The Power of the 2x2 Matrix: Using 2x2 Thinking To Solve Business Problems with Alex Lowy. He is a Principal at Transcend Strategy Group and has been CEO of Digital 4Sight and Enter Music Publishing.

Hood has been a speaker at dozens of conferences and events including Infocomm, NAB, and others. His writings have appeared in magazines including Wired. He is the recipient of awards including the Emerald Management Award for the article "The Networked Idealists Advantage" (2005).

Hood has a BA in economics and journalism from Pennsylvania State University and is active in a variety of industry and civic groups.

Steve Zlotolow, Ph.D.

You've got to think about big things while you're doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.

Steve Zlotolow has been at the forefront of important change throughout his educational career. He worked in Teacher Corps programs to transform inner-city schools and taught for eight years in open schools. He earned a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Instructional Design at University of Oklahoma and became co-author of The Change Agent's Guide with Ron Havelock. As a distance-learning specialist, he was tapped to develop the eCampus at San Jose State University. Today the school boasts a robust online learning environment for learning, teaching, and developing new digital programs. As the former Associate Dean of International and Extended Studies at SJSU, he also grew a $30,000,000 educational business that was the leader among CSU campuses and attracted students worldwide.

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Phil Hood, BA

Phil Hood, BA

Steve Zlotolow, Ph.D.

Steve Zlotolow, Ph.D.

Ready to Enroll?

There are no formal admissions requirements for the Change Management and Business Problem-Solving course. If you can satisfactorily complete the coursework, you are invited to enroll.

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Common Questions

Are books or pre-reading required for this course? 
No. All materials will be provided in class. Some material is drawn from the book "The Power of the 2 x 2 Matrix" by Alex Lowy and Phil Hood (Jossey-Bass, 2004) and from "Change Agent's Guide" (

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At a Glance

Area of study: Change Management and Business Problem-Solving

Ideal for: Leaders and aspiring managers in Bay Area business

Number of courses: 1 course

Program format: In-person

Program length: 1 four-hour session and 1 five-hour session

Tuition cost: $490 (Tuition fees are subject to change at any time.)


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