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Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies Online Degree Completion Program

Degree Program

Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary area of scholarship and research that raises questions often ignored or marginalized in traditional academic disciplines. The Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies Online Degree Completion Program (Online BA-WOST) is designed to acquaint students with feminist scholarship on women, gender, sexuality, research methods, and theory. Course offerings in women’s studies examine the ways in which gender is culturally constructed; and the relationship between gender and other systems of social difference such as race, ethnicity, class, nationality, and sexual orientation. The program builds on several decades of feminist work in women’s studies, and deliberately integrates theory, research methods, and service learning.

Undergraduate courses in women's studies ensure that students receive an interdisciplinary education that bridges theory and practice. A two-quarter field-study seminar allows students to apply theory and methods, and combine scholarship and social action, to a setting of their choice. Electives in the social sciences, sciences, and humanities increase the interdisciplinary strength of the program.

Program Objectives

Students graduating with a B.A. in Women’s Studies from CSU East Bay will be able to:

  • Apply skills gained in computing, writing, fieldwork, critical thinking, and knowledge synthesis to their lives and workplaces
  • Define and identify underlying assumptions of major theories and conceptual frameworks as they apply to women, men, children, and families
  • Use theory for interpretation or generating solutions for human problems
  • Examine and identify gender socialization and sex-based inequalities of both men and women
  • Analyze the situation of women in our own and other cultures from a variety of disciplinary perspectives
  • Analyze the social construction of images of women in different media and explore relationships between these images and societal attitudes toward women
  • Critique social inequalities founded on the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and nation

Who Should Attend

The Online BA-WOST is geared towards working adults who are looking for a high quality, flexible online B.A. degree program.

Program Highlights

Type of degree conferred:

Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies

Number of courses: Varies – students who have completed all lower division requirements will need to take approx. 22 courses to complete the degree.
Program length: 18 months
Current tuition costs: $304/unit