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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Online Degree Completion Program

The College of Business and Economics is committed to providing a broad and flexible professional education. The first AACSB-accredited Online Business Administration Degree Completion Program offered by a California university, the BSBA is a two-year online program that offers adults the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the changing global business environment and prepare them for success in their professional careers.

The BSBA Program is structured around a set of core courses enabling students to develop general business perspective and skills. The program currently offers options in Finance, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Management, and Operations and Enterprise Resource Management.

Reviews and Reputation

The Best Colleges selected Cal State East Bay's Online Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program as No. 6 in the nation for 2011-12, calling it "an excellent value."

In 2011, the Princeton Review selected Cal State East Bay as a "Best in the West" college for 2012 for the eighth consecutive year.

Princeton Review also rated Cal State East Bay as one of the country's 294 "Best Business Schools" in 2011, for the sixth consecutive year. 

Program Objectives

Students graduating with a BSBA from Cal State East Bay will have achieved the following:

  • International/Global Perspective: Each student can identify and communicate the variety of risks and opportunities of doing business in a global environment.
  • Ethical Responsibilities in Organizations and Society: Each student can identify and evaluate ethical issues and articulate defensible resolutions for practical situations involving financial issues, human resource management and marketing.
  • Knowledge of Technological and Analytical Tools Necessary for Solving Complex Business Problems: Students have learned how information technology and analytical tools are used to aid decision-making in organizations. They can identify, analyze and solve complex business problems using appropriate technological and analytical tools.
  • Communication Skills and Teamwork: Each student can communicate in a variety of domains that include writing, speaking, listening, reading and the impact of technology in a variety of communication situations.
  • General Management Knowledge: Each student will demonstrate knowledge in the following management areas including computer information systems, accounting, marketing, economics, finance, management, and management science.

Who Should Attend

The program is geared toward working adults who want to attend an AACSB accredited university to complete their BSBA in a more convenient manner. While located in the San Francisco Bay Area, because the program is online, it is available to all in the state and beyond. It may be of special interest to students at California community colleges, especially those already taking online courses who want or need to continue their education in an online format.

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Program Highlights

Type of degree conferred: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Number of courses: Varies
Minimum program length: 18 months
Current tuition costs: $295 per unit, plus other university fees (Tuition fees are subject to change at any time)