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Withdrawal & Refund Policy for EDUI 6701 - 6704

For the drop & withdrawal policy for courses EDUI 6705 and higher, go here.

For students in EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703 or 6704 only
To DROP a class on or before the 5th day of class:

1. Drop your class in MyCSUEB.

2. Ask for a refund by emailing Ayellee (  Otherwise, the course fee will remain on your account.

Students who drop by the 5th day of class are entitled to a full refund. No refund can be given for drops after the 5th day of class. Dropped classes will not appear on your transcript.

If you are eligible for a refund the amount is automatically credited to your University account. If you do not request a refund, the University will leave the balance on your account to apply toward future charges.

If you want the credit balance refunded to you personally, you must download and submit a Refund Request Form (pdf) to the Cashier's office for processing. There is a $10 processing fee for this service (except for Financial Aid students or for cancelled courses). The Cashier’s office is located on the first floor of the Student Services and Administration (SA) Building on the Hayward Campus and in the Academic Services Lobby on the Concord Campus. Processing of refund requests takes approximately nine weeks. (Credit card refunds may not appear on your statement for one to two billing cycles.)

To WITHDRAW from a class after the 5th day:

The withdrawal deadline is the end of the 3rd week of class.  You cannot withdraw from a class after it has ended.

Your transcript will show a “W” for each withdrawn class.  A stop payment order on a check does not constitute an official withdrawal, nor does it relieve you of your financial obligation for the course. Additional fees may be charged.

If you enrolled in a course, failed to complete the course requirements, and did not withdraw, you will receive a “WU” (withdrawal unauthorized), which counts as an “F” in your GPA.

If Continuing Education cancels a class, we will send you a full refund. Refunds are issued in the same form as payment received (e.g. if you paid by credit card, you will receive a credit; if you paid by check, we will mail you a refund check.) Processing takes approximately six weeks.

If you receive Federal Financial Aid, you must also contact the Financial Aid office to drop or withdraw from your classes. Financial aid has strict policies on what must be done to the funds that have been disbursed directly to you and/or credited to your account. For more information, please visit the Financial Aid Drop & Withdrawal Policy page.


Please contact our Program Manager, Ayellee Adam at: