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General Policies

Types of Credit

Academic Credit

Courses conferring academic credit are numbered 1000 through 7999 and are divided into eight ranges. Many courses in our catalog are upper-division level extension (7000-7699) and graduate level extension (7700-7999).

Courses with an "x" prefix are equivalent to courses of the same number offered by the Cal State East Bay regular academic program and also confer academic credit. Courses numbered x1000-x4999 may be transferable for unit and subject credit toward a bachelor's degree at Cal State East Bay (36 units maximum). Courses numbered x5000-x6999 may be transferred toward a graduate degree at CSUEB with the written approval of the academic major department (13 units maximum). Courses numbered x1000-x1999 are equivalent to freshman level; x2000-x2999, to sophomore level; x3000-x3999, to junior level; x4000-x4999, to senior level; x5000-x5999, to postbaccalaureate and professional level; and x6000-x6999, to graduate level.

Courses numbered 7000-7699 are usually applicable toward educational credits at Cal State East Bay, state clear credential, salary increments and some state supplementary authorizations.

If you plan to receive elective units in a degree or credential program at Cal State East Bay students cannot take courses for Credit/No Credit.

Certain courses in our catalog (tagged with an "s" suffix) are designated as "special session" courses. These provide resident credit and are not subject to the limits of transferability listed above.

Continuing Education Credit

Many courses in our catalog (8000-8999) carry CEUs, a nationally recognized unit of measurement for any of a variety of nonacademic programs which may apply toward re-licensure, promotion, or career advancement.


Noncredit courses (9000-9999) are designed for personal enrichment.

Honors Credit

A maximum of 15 units taken through Open University may be applied toward graduating with honors from the University. No other units taken through Cal State East Bay Continuing Education will be counted for honors.