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Partnering with Continuing Education

Special Sessions Programs

Special Sessions provide an opportunity to offer courses, certificate and online degree programs at times and in locations that are not able to be financed through regular state funds. Examples of special sessions programs include: interim sessions between college year terms, ongoing programs offered at distant or isolated locations or educational programs offered for a specific group requiring special services.

The purpose of Special Sessions programs is to serve a substantive educational function that supports the educational objective of the University. Programs offered through Special Sessions must meet all regular campus and system approvals, are operated in accordance with applicable campus and system policies and procedures, and have academic standards equivalent to regularly scheduled instructional programs.

We are interested in proposals that will expand our offerings to distant locations or special populations, target career enrichment or retraining, or allow students to accelerate achievement of an objective. We are not interested in programs that supplant current university offerings.

Before submitting a proposal, review our Web site to understand the type of programs and audiences that we focus upon. If you are interested in moving forward, download, complete and return the program proposal forms. If you have questions during the process, please contact:

Balvinder Kumar
Director, Special Sessions Programs
(510) 885-4920

Special Sessions Program Forms